Welcome to The Humble Verdict.

We started this as a way of expressing ourselves and getting our ideas out into the world.

We will be bringing you regular posts covering a wide variety of topics – ranging from music, sport, current affairs and even technology.

We are not professional writers, experienced journalists or necessarily proclaimed experts in the topics we discuss. What we are though, is a collective of young people that want to share our views on matters that are important to us and explore new thoughts and ideas.

What makes us different?

Well, too often we scroll through our phones or laptops without digesting the content we come across.

We aim to change that.

Through active engagement we aim to explore a range of ideas and perspectives while having you, the reader, being as equally involved as the writer. We aim to become a platform where pertinent thoughts are shared and discussed, rather than simply being expressed.

The Humble Verdict is a pedestal to encourage dialogue and, as young people, develop our ability to reflect on everyday content more critically.

Be sure to hit us up on social media and sign up to our newsletter – so get thinking, get discussing and get involved!

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